Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pretend it: like Beckham!

...Victoria Beckham, that is! 

Last weekend I attended a 90s-themed Halloween party, and decided that it was the perfect opportunity to transform myself into pop idol, "Posh Spice"! (otherwise known as 1990s Victoria Beckham).

Creating the look wasn't too difficult- and mainly involved a angular brown bob wig, lip liner, arched brows, smoky cat-eyes, a skin-tight leopard print dress and a little bit of contouring (for her slightly pointy nose and famously prominent cheekbones!)- but to create the full vision, it was definitely all about attitude.

I had so much fun playing around with this look that I think I might just start impersonating Ms. Beckham on a regular basis! Do you think I can pull it off?

Maybe I'll follow the lead of one of my favorite makeup artists, Promise Phan, and try to make myself into some other celebrities!



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