Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Surf

Do "Throwback Thursdays" apply to blogs? 

Last summer I met with the talented photographer Cheshire Dave for a surfing-themed stock photo-shoot, and I pretended to be a pro surfer for a day! I was reminded of this particular photo-set while preparing for my little getaway for this upcoming weekend to sunny Southern California, as I will be making a quick and fun escape to San Diego with my girlfriend!

I love the way the vibrant blues of the sky and water create such a beautiful contrast with my bright yellow blonde of my hair and the rich black tones of my wetsuit- and even though it wasn't especially hot that day (as it barely ever is on Bay Area beaches) I think the vibrancy of the pictures really creates a feeling of the warmth of a bright summer day.

I am really looking forward to Southern California sunshine, exploring the San Diego coast and a lazy day on the beach- I feel like I have been waiting for summer for so long!



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