Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Panda-monium: A Mega-Kawaii Costume That Doubles as Pajamas!

(on the far left: trying to be cool while also dressed like a panda- not an easy feat!)

Are you still looking for that perfect Halloween costume, but are hesitant to spend money on something that you will only wear one night- and never again? An ultra cute panda kigurumi costume might be the perfect answer to your problem! AND Amazon still has some left here that can ship out in time for the big day!

Full disclosure: this is actually a pair of my pajamas!

As you may know already, I have always been into mega-kawaii Japanese culture, and (like all normal twenty-six year old women- I'm assuming,) I came to a point in the recent past where I decided it was essential that I be able to dress myself up like a cartoon panda before going to sleep at night. It was only this afternoon that I realized that this could actually work as a costume, rather than something that would just be worn as an everyday piece of clothing. Haha! (Seriously, though.)

So, there you have it! Easy, peasy, PANDA!



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