Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Running Through Water

My legs, captured by Alexis Coram

When you are trying to accomplish many new things in a short period of time, it can often feel like you are trying to run through water.

It may feel like you are putting out as much effort as you can, but are not seeing immediate results of getting very far in the process.

This is how my past week has felt. Sometimes it can be completely overwhelming when many new opportunities jump into your life that are full of exciting new prospects, but also require a lot of time and energy to fulfill. Over and over again I have found myself in this position, where I let the feeling of being overwhelmed completely take over, rather than just taking some time to breathe, figure things out and move forward.

I also have the terrible habit of often anticipating the worst of a situation, especially when it pertains to something new that I have never experienced before. Though there is nothing wrong with being practical, maintaining a positive attitude through all new things is essential for happiness. After all, what would a person's life be like if they pushed away every new and wonderful opportunity just because they could potentially foresee it somehow going wrong somewhere along the line?

The truth is, whatever new venture arises probably will go wrong in one way or another, just because almost nothing ever ends up being exactly the way you anticipate it to be. But that's okay- because although there might be one or two (or several!) glitches down the road, you are still learning in the process and still moving forward, accomplishing the things that you set out to do, even if they end up being a little different from what you originally expected.

These are things I need to keep telling myself as I venture out into the world of fashion and pursuing dreams in creativity- all the while remembering once again the wise words spoken by my literature professor when encouraging us to write- despite our qualms, despite our insecurities and excuses:

"perfectionism is the enemy of art"

And art doesn't have to mean painting a picture, making a sculpture, capturing a photo- it can mean living out your dreams- understanding yourself, and pursuing your goals, and ultimately trying to find, and keep whatever brings you happiness. 

Because that's what life is really all about, right?



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  1. I ALWAYS do that...anticipate the worst case scenario. I think that's human nature, though, right? What an awesome image.


    Jules of Canines & Couture



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