Monday, April 15, 2013

Rooftop Warrior: Styling for VOZ

Yesterday I tried out some styling on the "Chevron Shawl" by Voz Clothing (where I have just started an internship) and tried to make it into a top!

I think it turned out pretty well- and got pretty positive feedback about it so far- now I'm excited to see if there are some more looks I can create with this one piece. My first day of the internship my boss just let me take a bunch of clothes to try to style- so I wanted to come up with something good for my first shot at modeling their clothes.

I felt as though the outfit had a sort of "warrior woman" look to it, so I tried to emulate that style through my poses.

Luckily when I ended up shooting this look it was a beautiful time of the day- right before sunset, and the light was absolutely perfect for the photos. Though I had been having a bit of trouble with my remote lately, I also took a bit of time to read up on my camera some more and think I may have figured out the problem! When you are taking photos of yourself by yourself with a remote (as I did here) it can get very frustrating if they end up being out of focus and you don't know why!

I think maybe some of the preparing-for-battle poses here came out of the determination to get these shots right!

What do you think? Do I look like a (stylish) warrior woman?
By the way, this is what the shawl looks like without the styling!


P.S. check this look out here at!


  1. I totally get what you mean by the whole 'warrior woman' look it definitely has an edgy feel to it. I think it's the pattern and the way the top is draped around you. I also love your short blonde hair! Found your blog after you started following on Twitter :)

    1. Thanks, Arash! Sorry about the delay in response- I only just saw these comments for some reason. I'm glad you like my blog- keep in touch!

  2. That shawl definitely has a warrior feel - nice interpretation! If you want a tip regarding self portraits, try placing a prop at eye level where you plan on standing, dial your focus in on that, then get in front of the camera and take the shot. Removes much of the randomness from the process - takes a little while to get a feel for it, but it gets easier. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for the tip! Any ideas of good props to use? I think I will try it out!

  3. Never thought of doing such a thing with my shawl.
    I will try this week with my new Comtesse Sofia scarf!
    Thx for the tip !



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