Saturday, April 6, 2013

Plaid pants and rooftop sparkles

I made these pants in my first sewing class that I took last year, but just found them again, and decided to finally take a few photographs of the finished piece!

The fabric was taken from a pile of discarded fabric at my first sewing class- which made it even more fun for me to make the pants, knowing that I was using materials that were free and up-cycled!

I really love high-waisted styles for pants, so I altered the original pattern to a much higher rise, and also to be much more form-fitting style than the pattern. I like how they turned out! I think I want to make a lot more leggings- fitted pants.

I've been playing around with some photo effects lately- can you tell? I mainly use for editing, but am thinking that at some point in the near future I should probably upgrade to using photoshop and lightroom a bit more frequently as my staple editing software. I'm also considering taking an advanced photoshop class next semester. I'm signing up for classes now and getting so excited looking through the course listings!

But in the meantime, I need to practice what I already know- time to get sewing!



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