Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wo "eye knee"

 Confused by the title of this post? "Wo ai ni" 我爱你 which actually is pronounced "woh eye knee" to an English reader means "I love you" in Chinese! I just felt like doing a cheesy little play on words, haha.

After seeing this trend started on a couple of daily outfit websites such as, I instantly wanted to give the whole "tattooed knees" look a shot. Since Taipei is on the forefront of many of the most quirky and fun fashion trends, it was easy to pick up a couple of pairs right away!

I'm not sure which I like better! 

I picked up some more pairs as well, so I will shoot those soon too! 

This ended up being a very short post as I am very busy getting ready for the half-marathon I will be participating in this weekend in Alishan (阿里山國家風景區) in Nantou, Taiwan (in the middle of the country!) It is supposed to be very scenic up there, so I will bring my camera and show you the photos soon!

 I haven't been training very much for the race, so I hope I don't collapse halfway through!

Wish me luck! 



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