Monday, October 1, 2012

Moon Festival Riverside Barbecue

This past weekend was Moon Festival- and a few friends and I gathered together to have a barbecue by the river, and enjoyed some delicious food by the light of the beautiful full moon! 

At one point we were stopped by some police men telling us that it was illegal to BBQ in that area, but Iris and I spoke to them (with a little white lie,) saying it was my last night in Taipei before returning to the U.S. and that I just really wanted to enjoy traditional Taiwanese culture with good friends, haha. After that they agreed, and we were happily able to keep barbecuing late into the night! 

I was able to get some good shots with my tripod and remote on delay, especially of us lighting the coals and trying to escape the sting of these sparks!

I found a cute varsity-inspired jacket at the Jingmei nightmarket that I wore that night, and paired with some black shorts. The only outfit post I was able to get that night was with my iphone- please excuse the bad quality!

ready for the barbecue! on the street near my apartment.

Happy Moon Festival, everyone!



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