Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moving to Taiwan! (video post)

As you can see, I decided to give video-posting a shot!

This is the first video I have ever made for a blog post- which I think is quite a momentous occasion!

The quality is not great...(although I did fun with the "cinematic" feature on youtube video editing) but hey- I can learn as I go.

What I really wanted to share with this post was that in the near future I will be posting (more interesting) videos of my experiences in Taiwan to share with you! This one is just me sitting on the floor and talking...but the next ones I do will include sightseeing, excursions, and probably also just some documentation of random fun times.

And...with the help of a certain someone...there will be a much larger, much more fantastic, exciting, amazing video project coming along in the upcoming months for your (and my) entertainment! We are just in the beginning stages now of planning it out, but I have a feeling that great things are to come of this. We shall see. of this morning, I now have my plane ticket and am leaving on Monday! Can you believe it? I'm not sure that I can! Haha. I have just four days to get everything together before I go-so... wish me luck!



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