Monday, January 30, 2012

fun and fabulous: punk on the runway


a glimpse into the runway looks of Jean Paul Gaultier at Paris fashion week.

I have to say...I LOVE this trend. I'm definitely always a fan of bringing more interesting elements to fashion! (Plus it helps that I have recently discovered a bit of the punk music scene in San Francisco for the first time, with the help of an insider!)

There is definitely quite a bit of influence from current pop culture, including the recent death of Amy Winehouse and the outstanding success of the film, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" in both the U.S and Sweden, as well as the ever-growing popularity of D.I.Y. projects and the rise of cheap-chic fashion with the downturn of the global economy.

I'm definitely a fan of this style. Stay tuned to see how this new fashion trend will influence my own style choices throughout the year...

here's a preview of me a little bit "punkified" haha.

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