Eyeball Monster Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Halloween is almost here! Need a wild and fantastic costume that costs less than $10 and will be sure to impress (and freak out) your friends? Make yourself into an eyeball monster! 

This year my housemate Rose asked me if I would do her makeup for her Halloween costume, and of course, I said YES! The idea began as a way to honor Rose's love of all things eyeballs, and was inspired by this fantastic look, here

However, all the links I found for this and similar creations didn't show any tutorials of how to go about making this incredible creation, so I thought I would practice doing this look on myself before transforming Rose this Friday evening- and in the process, make my own eyeball Halloween makeup tutorial!

All you need is a cheap Halloween makeup kit and a some dollar-store black liquid eyeliner (I think Wet n'wild has a liquid liner for less than $2, as well as Forever 21) .

Let's get started! 

Step 1: Use a green face paint to create a base for the skin tone, avoiding the spots where the eyes will be painted. Fill in these areas with eye-shaped splotches of white paint. 

Step 2: Paint a circle in the middle of each white splotch for the color of the iris (I chose blue). At this point you may look like a confused clown, but don't worry, it will look better soon! 

Step 3: Using a black liquid eyeliner, trace around the outline of each eye, and paint a black pupil in the center. This may take a little patience, and you may need to use a blow-dryer to help the green and white face paint beforehand. 

Step 4: Paint eyelashes around each eye, using the liquid liner. (This is actually much easier than it looks, but takes a while! Be patient- the eyelashes really enhance the look!) Once you have finished the lashes, use the white face paint to paint a "reflection" splotch in each eye near the pupil to give the eyes more definition. You may also want to use the green paint to go fill-in areas that have rubbed off,  to refine the look. 

And there you have it! This look is actually much easier than it seems, but just takes a slightly steady hand and lots of patience to complete- I would give yourself an hour or so to make sure you have more than enough time to make it look as fantastic as possible. 

If you want to add a little extra flair, paint on some red lipstick as well, like I did! And if you really want to go all out, you can use false eyelashes to enhance the look like it is done here and here, but lashes tend to be very expensive, and fall off easily when applied over paint, so I decided to stick with just face paint for my version of this creep-tastic costume. 

I'm going to be doing the final version on Rose tomorrow, and will take a couple of snapshots then as well and post them below for a fun comparison. 

I hope you like this crazy Halloween makeup look, and have a wonderful and safe Halloween! 

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Faux-fur and Flowers- Channeling Twiggy in FCM

This was another wild mod look for the Oct 2014 issue of Fashion Couture Magazine- inspired by Twiggy! I absolutely loved being a part of this creative and colorful shoot, and was so excited when I found out it was published! You can buy a copy here.

Check out the full set of photos from the shoot below:

Don't you think this would also be a really neat idea for an quick and easy Halloween costume??



Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial!

In honor of tradition, I thought I'd add another repost of this tutorial I did a couple of years ago, which has now reached nearly 20,000 views! Hooray!
Have fun this Halloween, and remember to be safe!

Update: "Black Swan" makeup tutorial here, as well as a "Magical Mermaid", and "Cannabis Cutie" as well as an idea for an "Alien Maiden" and "Great Gatsby" look! And if you want to go super-comfy, go for this "Kawaii Panda" look! Have fun- and more looks will be coming soon!


Repost below:

Still in need of a costume with Halloween closely approaching? I had faced this dilemma myself when scrambling for a costume last minute for a pre-Halloween party I attended just last night. After deciding against the cannabis look from my last post, while wanting to have a costume that would really make an impression, without much time to put something together this wild and creepy skull makeup ended up being the perfect solution!

Luckily, my good friend Sharon was already going as a skeleton (from Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" video), and had the makeup and materials ready to go! It actually doesn't take too much to put this look together- all you really need is some white and black theater makeup (or black eyeliner), and a brush- and you're set!

Our friend Iris decided to go as the "Black Swan" from the film, and Sharon also whipped up a makeup look for her that really brought the simple costume of a black ballet suit to life (which I will show in my next post!)

the creepy three!

For the skull look, there were many different youtube tutorials to choose from, but Sharon and I both felt that  this video by eRaness was the best. However, I found that the camera moved much too fast while showing the process to clearly see what was going on, and using the video alone to recreate this makeup look was extremely challenging!


So, I decided to help out and take a few step by step pictures of the process as I did this look myself.

  • Step one: cover your face in the white theater paint, and create the "eye sockets" by drawing in large black circular shapes around the eyes that you fill in with the black paint and/or black eyeliner. 

  • Step two: create the hollowed out nose look by covering most of your nose in the black paint, shaping it at the top in two points. At this stage, you may end up looking like a creepy clown panda- which I suppose could also be an option if you have now run out of time! 

can you see my blonde eyelashes? 

  • Step three- start creating shadows and giving shape to the look by creating many lines around the face stretching out from different points around the hollows of the eyes and at the cheekbones. Remember- your goal is not to look pretty, so if you are freaked out by your own reflection, this is a good sign! 

  • Step four- paint/draw in the shadows that mark the hinges of the jaw with jointed circular shapes at the base of each cheek. (Unfortunately, I didn't capture this stage as well as I would have liked in the photo, so I included a screen shot of the video below.)

  • Step five- with the black liner draw small thin lines at the mouth to create the spaces between the teeth, and draw thin cracked lines at the chin, while also blending the other lines a bit more into the white base to create depth.

  • Step six- touch up any areas of the white base that need to be more opaque, and paint in the shapes of the teeth at the mouth. Line your lower waterline with black liner and dust a heavy layer of power over the entire look to eliminate shine and set the makeup so that it will stay on longer.

And now you have....the finished look!

I personally loved going out with this look, and had a lot of fun scaring and surprising all the people I encountered throughout the night!

Depending on your face shape and how much you choose to stylize the skull, the makeup can come out really different- but I like it both ways! Sharon  (in the photo below) had a slightly different eye shape and thicker lines in her look, but I think they are both great!

The makeup was so successful that we were asked to be in lots of photos with strangers that night! As you can see, my finished look of choice was "Skeleton Little Red Riding Hood". 
I think the cape adds a nice touch, don't you?

Next up- instructions on how to do the "Black Swan" look- so get your tutus ready!




Looking back on this post, I realized that I made the jaw hinges a little too top-heavy, and would add more black paint to the bottom hinge going back, which would give this effect instead- which I think is a much more realistic skull look. 

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