Summer Surf

Do "Throwback Thursdays" apply to blogs? 

Last summer I met with the talented photographer Cheshire Dave for a surfing-themed stock photo-shoot, and I pretended to be a pro surfer for a day! I was reminded of this particular photo-set while preparing for my little getaway for this upcoming weekend to sunny Southern California, as I will be making a quick and fun escape to San Diego with my girlfriend!

I love the way the vibrant blues of the sky and water create such a beautiful contrast with my bright yellow blonde of my hair and the rich black tones of my wetsuit- and even though it wasn't especially hot that day (as it barely ever is on Bay Area beaches) I think the vibrancy of the pictures really creates a feeling of the warmth of a bright summer day.

I am really looking forward to Southern California sunshine, exploring the San Diego coast and a lazy day on the beach- I feel like I have been waiting for summer for so long!



Back to blonde

With summer closely approaching, and after finding myself in a place where I was a few months from my last change, I decided that it was time to switch things up once again!

Platinum blonde was the color of choice this time around, but only after much deliberation, and many shades of pink, orange and peach in between! Originally I had planned to go for a rosy, dusty peachy pink color that I thought looked fantastic on so many people and made a bold, yet feminine fashion statement, but once I perfected that same color on my own hair I was horrified to find that it was the exact same color of my skin- and looked absolutely awful! It was the hair equivalent of someone with tan skin wearing a tan-colored t-shirt- which would otherwise be known as NOT a good combination.

All in all- even though it ended up somewhere totally and completely different from where I originally meant it to be, I think it turned out to be a home hair color success!



Looking Back on Seattle Adventures.


I was just going through my photos from my trip to Seattle a little while ago- and found these lovely gems. It was so great to see my sister on that trip, but also to just explore the city- and discover all the small and unknown nooks and crannies that I had to find on accident to ever discover them at all.

I really loved stepping into all the little boutiques and cafes around the city, each time seeing something new and exciting to remember once I returned back home.

What's your favorite place to visit in Seattle?



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